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If you are interested in improving your physical fitness but don’t have the time or desire to go to a gym, purchasing a home functional trainer is a fantastic idea. These machines give you all the resources of a gym but let you exercise in the privacy and convenience of your home

To help you get the best bang for your buck, I tested nine functional trainers and found The Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer the best overall option for a home functional trainer.

While the X15 is the best, all the functional trainers I tried provided some great features and benefits. Using my years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as the insight and advice from our equipment supply and repair contractor at the firehouse I wrote this article to outline each functional trainer’s pros and cons so you can choose the best one for your home.

The Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer is an excellent choice with heavy dual-weight stacks, numerous adjustment holes for quickly personalizing your workout, and 15 included attachments.

The X15 is also more affordable than the most expensive functional trainers, and it comes with a lifetime structural warranty, so you know it’s built to last.

However, just because the Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer is the best overall, there might be better choices for some. That is why I have also included options for budget and premium functional trainers and seven other trainers, each with their own attachments, warranties, and other unique options.

The 9 Best Home Functional Trainers

Let’s dig in and find the best home functional trainer for you!

A Quick Look

The Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer – Best Overall Home Functional Trainer

Image Courtesy of Force USA

The Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer is a fantastic workhorse that goes beyond the basic functional trainer with heavy-duty materials and excellent attachments.

The Force USA X15 is a half-rack design that offers six different machines in one. Force USA made the X15 with strong 3” x 3”, 11-gauge steel for the uprights, giving it a fantastic, solid feeling even when lifting heavy weight.

You get 15 adjustments with the X15, and Force USA offers an upgrade kit that includes four more attachments, a television mount, three workstations, and four storage shelves.

There are 42 pin positions on the uprights in a Westside Spacing configuration with 1” diameter holes. The design uses 1.5” spacing on the lower rack and 3” spacing on the upper rack. So many adjustments leave many options for positioning the attachments and pulley handles.

And if you are interested in lifting heavy, the Force USA X15 comes with an unbelievable dual 289-lb weight stack system. The trainer’s 2:1 resistance ratio and weight stacks each provide up to 144.5-lbs of resistance in 5-lb increments. That much weight is extremely rare for a functional trainer, and one of the big reasons I love this machine.

Best of all, there’s a limited lifetime structural warranty, so you know you have excellent coverage when you invest in this trainer.


  • Dimensions: 70” (W) x 57” (D) x 92” (H)
  • Weight: 1400-lbs
  • Adjustments: 42 adjustments (1 1/2” spacing lower rack and 3” spacing upper rack)
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: Dual 289-lb stacks
  • Pulley cable travel: 86”
  • Attachments: 15 (base model)
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime structural warranty


  • Dual 289-lb weight stacks are the most weight of any machine on this list.
  • The half-rack design is roomy while still being compact enough to use at home.
  • The limited lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.


  • Many third-party attachments use 2” holes, and the X15 won’t accommodate them.

Best Fitness BFFT10R Functional Trainer – Best Budget Home Functional Trainer

Image Courtesy of Fitness Factory

Shopping for a functional trainer while on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean buying an inferior machine. The Best Fitness BFFT10R Functional Trainer is one of the most affordable functional trainers you can find while still giving you a solid workout experience. To make this budget-friendly functional trainer a little easier on the wallet, Fitness Factory has it marked down 30% until Jan 2023!

Standing at just over seven feet tall, the BFFT10R has a single 190-lb weight stack and 19 adjustment positions to move from exercise to exercise more efficiently. When you look at the frame of this Body-Solid trainer, it looks slim and compact, but it is substantial while only weighing 309 lbs in total.

This trainer comes with two pulley handles, giving you either a 0.25:1 resistance ratio per handle or using both handles for a 0.5:1 resistance ratio. While the machine only comes with two handle attachments, there is also a pull-up bar, and you can find more equipment options on the manufacturer’s website.

Best Fitness also offers a decent set of warranties, including a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the parts.

If you are looking for a functional trainer with a moderate weight stack, compact footprint, and good warranty, pick up this great budget model.


  • Dimensions: 61″ (W) x 55″ (D) x 84″ (H)
  • Weight: 309-lbs
  • Adjustments: 19 (spacing not listed)
  • Resistance ratio: .25:1 ratio per handle or .5:1 ratio with both handles
  • Weight stacks: Single 190-lb weight stack
  • Pulley cable travel: Not listed
  • Attachments: 2
  • Color: Red
  • Warranty: 3 years on frame, 1 year on parts


  • This trainer is a fantastic option for beginners or trainers looking for a moderate-weight stack.
  • The 19-pin positions are easy to switch between, which makes exercise transitions easier.
  • This functional trainer provides a lot of value for the low price tag.


  • The limited attachments and low weight won’t work for more advanced lifters.

XMark XM-7626 Functional Trainer

Image Courtesy of XMark Fitness

If you have been working out for a while or need a versatile, functional trainer that offers many options, the XMark XM-7626 is the perfect premium choice.

The 7626 offers two stacks of 200-lb of weight and a resistance ratio of 2:1 for a maximum working weight of 100 lbs per stack. Each weight plate weighs 10 lbs and is 1” thick. Along with the eight included attachments, the dual-weight stacks give you many options for movement and workouts.

The included attachments consist of the following:

  • A pair of hand straps.
  • A pair of long straps.
  • A triceps rope.
  • A short bar.
  • A long bar.
  • A leg extension/leg curl strap.
  • An ankle strap.

There is also an attached pull-up bar.

The 2” x 3”, 11-gauge steel uprights have 19 adjustments, with the lowest position at 1” off the ground and the highest at 6’6”. The spacing of the positions is 3.5”.

This trainer is incredibly heavy-duty and durable, with a scratch-resistant powder-coated base finish and skid-resistant feet. 

For peace of mind, XMark also sells the XM-7626 with a full lifetime warranty on the trainer’s frame and a 1-year warranty on parts, including the pins, handles, cables, and pulleys.


  • Dimensions: 65” (W) x 43.5” (D) x 83” (H)
  • Weight: 807-lbs
  • Adjustments: 19 adjustment slots with 3.5” spacing
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: Dual 200-lb stacks
  • Pulley cable travel: 81”
  • Attachments: 7
  • Color: Gray
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty, 1-Year parts warranty


  • The seven attachments and 19 positions can give you a complete full-body workout.
  • The protective coating and skid-resistant feet make this functional trainer an excellent investment that lasts for years.
  • This XMark trainer fits in corners which reduces its footprint in the house.


  • Strong lifters will need more weight for heavier exercises like seated rows.

MiM USA Strength Master 1001 Functional Trainer

Image courtesy of MiM USA

The Strength Master 1001 Functional Trainer from MiM USA is an extra-large machine with many features and options for future add-ons.

This functional trainer looks like one you would find in the gym, but MiM USA rated it for home use. It comes with a half-rack power cage, weight bench, cable pulleys, a smith machine, and a whole lot more.

This functional trainer does not come with any weight stacks. Instead, it has sturdy 2” steel posts that you can load with your own Olympic-sized weight plates when using the cables. This design makes it easy to customize your weights but does require an additional financial investment.

This trainer has a larger footprint taking up almost a 7-ft by 6-ft surface space and standing over 7 ft tall, but it is solidly built and won’t shake or move much when you’re working out on it.

You get eight attachments with the Strength Master 1001, and MiM USA has a bunch of significant upgrades if you want to add-on to the initial package. 


  • Dimensions: 80″ (W) x 60″ (D) x 87″ (H)
  • Weight: 579-lbs
  • Adjustments: Not listed
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: No weights included
  • Pulley cable travel: Not listed
  • Attachments: 8
  • Color: Gray/Black/Red
  • Warranty: Lifetime structural warranty


  • Unlike most functional trainers, this multi-functional trainer comes with a bench and smith machine.
  • MiM USA rates the Strength Master 1001 for a max user weight of 350 lbs.


  • It does not include any weight stacks or other weights.
  • Its large footprint might make it hard to fit in a small house or garage.

NordicTrack Fusion CST Functional Trainer – Best Smart Home Functional Trainer

Image courtesy of NordicTrack

The Fusion CST from Nordic Track is a magnetic resistance trainer that can be an excellent option for small spaces or rooms with limited overhead. This trainer stands just over 5-ft wide and is less than 4 feet deep. It only requires slightly over 6 feet of headspace and weighs 378 pounds.

This trainer forgoes the more commonly seen physical weight stacks, using a flywheel and 20 power levels to give you up to 100 lbs of resistance for your workouts.

It comes with three pairs of cables at different widths and height levels which seems unusual initially but is an excellent design for hitting all the best angles for a full-body workout.

However, modern technology is the best part of the Fusion CST functional trainer. It has NordicTrack’s Portal 10i HD touchscreen tablet, which you can use to stream training sessions with world-class trainers. It also automatically adjusts resistance levels as you work out, monitors your heart rate, and you can track workouts to analyze your progress as well.


  • Dimensions: 60.5” (W) x 41.5” (D) x 73.5” (H)
  • Weight: 378-lbs
  • Adjustments: 6 (3 pairs of fixed positions)
  • Resistance ratio: Magnetic resistance
  • Weight stacks: 20 Power levels up to 100 lbs
  • Pulley cable travel: 65” 
  • Attachments: 4
  • Color: Gray
  • Warranty: 10-Year frame, 1-Year parts & labor


  • This compact trainer will work well in small spaces and requires no extra attachments.
  • The advanced technology gives you a more personalized, trainer-led workout experience.


  • The fixed positions of the cable handles can feel limiting.
  • With magnetic resistance, you can’t add weight beyond the 100-lb max.

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Functional Trainer

Image Courtesy of Fitness Factory

The Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 functional trainer is a solid option that looks like a bare-bones machine but provides enough weight and pin positions to hit every muscle in your body for an effective workout.

The PFT1000 comes with two 160-lb stacks, which can be upgraded to 210-lb weight stacks when you buy additional stack plates from Body-Solid. The resistance ratio is 0.5:1, which is a solid performance rating for such an affordable machine.

Body-Solid designed the 20-pin positions on the PFT1000 3.5” apart, giving you plenty of chances to customize the placement of the included pulley handle attachments. 

Body-Solid sells the PFT1000 with a 10-year frame warranty and a 1-year warranty on all the other parts.


  • Dimensions: 63” (W) x 42” (D) x 83” (H)
  • Weight: 476-lbs
  • Adjustments: 20 with 3.2” spacing 
  • Resistance ratio: 0.5:1
  • Weight stacks: Two 160-lbs stacks 
  • Pulley cable travel: 52”
  • Attachments: 2
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame, 1 year on all other parts


  • The dual 160-lb weight stacks make this a good option for individuals with some strength training experience.
  • Having 20 adjustment positions creates more opportunities for adjusting your lifting angles.


  • The PFT1000 only comes with two handles and no other attachments.
  • The warranty for everything other than the frame needs to be longer.

The REP Fitness FT-3000 Compact Trainer

Image courtesy of REP Fitness

REP is a great brand, and their FT-3000 compact trainer is one to check out if you need a machine with a small footprint.

The FT-3000 comes with dual weight stacks of 180 lbs each and a resistance ratio of 2:1. The weights start at 10 lbs and have a max effective weight of 90 lbs per side. 

You also get a pull-up bar with this trainer, and the bar even has attachments for performing movements like rock climbing holds. Speaking of attachments, the FT-3000 has several pegs on the back, which you can use to store the included pulley handles or any other attachments REP sells on their website.

The magnetic pin lock system makes switching between the 15 adjustment positions easy. The columns are also labeled with laser-etched marking to make it easier to ensure you correctly line up your cable handles before you start lifting.

Rep gives you a limited lifetime warranty on the frame of the FT-3000, while a 1-year warranty covers the hardware, pop-pins, cables, and pulleys.


  • Dimensions: 53″ (W) x 34″ (D) x 78″ (H)
  • Weight: 770-lbs
  • Adjustments: 15
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: Two 180-lbs stacks
  • Pulley cable travel: 81”
  • Attachments: 2
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 1-year warranty on hardware, pop-pins, pulleys, and cables


  • The small footprint and angled design make it easy to fit the FT-3000 in tight corners.
  • Dual 180-lb weight stacks are heavier than what most functional trainers offer.


  • The short length of the parts warranty can be frustrating when parts inevitably break down. 
  • Besides the included handles, you have to purchase any additional attachments separately.

BodyCraft XFT Functional Trainer – Best Premium Home Functional Trainer

Image courtesy of Fitness Factory

The BodyCraft XFT functional trainer is a comprehensive system with many features, extra-long cables, and an intriguing integrated barbell design.

While most functional trainers only use two separate handles, the XFT has a “barbell” that you can use, similar to a smith machine. Unlike a smith machine, though, the XFT’s barbell is not fixed in a single plane of movement so that you can bench with it, but you can also use it for barbell curls, lat pull downs, squats, and more.

The XFT includes nine attachments in total, including the more traditional pulley handles. Along with the barbell and the attachments, you get a dual 150-lb weight stack system that makes it easy to perform heavy workouts.

BodyCraft designed the XFT functional trainer specifically for residential use, which is why they provide a residential lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind when installing this trainer in your home.


  • Dimensions: 50″ (W) x 61″ (L) x 83″ (H)
  • Weight: 588-lbs
  • Adjustments: 32 with 1” spacing
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: Single 150-lbs stack
  • Pulley cable travel: 93”
  • Attachments: 9
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Residential lifetime warranty


  • The integrated barbell is an intelligent design that gives you a complete workout.
  • Having 32-pin positions with 1” spacing makes changing positions straightforward.


  • It would be nice to have heavier-weight stacks to take advantage of the barbell system.
  • The XFT is more expensive than similarly marketed functional trainers.

Force USA G6 All-in-One Trainer

Image courtesy of Force USA

The Force USA G6 All-in-One functional trainer is a solidly built machine that offers enough variety to replace an entire gym’s worth of exercise equipment.

You can load the dual pin-loaded weight stacks with up to 220 lbs or, with the 2:1 resistance ratio, an effective load of 110 lbs per side.

The G6 has 19 adjustment positions with the popular 3.75” spacing, and, along with the 17 included attachments, you can tweak your positioning to suit you best.

The Force USA G6 is truly a comprehensive functional trainer, with a cable and pulley system and a power rack, smith machine, and pull-up bar. There are slots for storing Olympic barbells and pins to hold your weight plates.


  • Dimensions: 72” (W) x 63” (D) x 91” (H)
  • Weight: 940-lbs
  • Adjustments: 19 with 3.75” spacing
  • Resistance ratio: 2:1
  • Weight stacks: Dual 220-lb stacks
  • Pulley cable travel: Not listed
  • Attachments: 17
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 2-year warranty on moving parts


  • Huge 220-lb weight stacks make this one of the best options for extra-strong athletes.
  • The smith machine, power rack, and cable system on this all-in-one machine give you a complete home gym.


  • The G6 is a big machine that requires an ample amount of space.
  • You will need your own weight plates to use the smith machine and power rack functions.

Home Functional Trainer Buying Guide

There are many home functional trainers on the market, and it is challenging to know which is the best fit for your fitness level, budget, and space. I put together this buying guide to better help you understand what you should look for when researching home trainers. 

You might find that different aspects of a home trainer are more or less important to you, but I recommend you read through every section so you know what you need and, hopefully, you will even learn something new.

Resistance Ratio

When we talk about resistance as it relates to functional home trainers, we are talking about the relationship between how much actual weight a machine has on it versus how heavy the weight feels when you lift it.

Most functional trainers you find in the gym, and many of the models approved for home use, have a ratio of 2:1 (sometimes reported as 1:2). This means that when you lift the weight, it feels like roughly half of what you are actually lifting. 

For example, if you use a single stack of weights and place the pin in the stack to lift 100 pounds, it will feel like 50 pounds on a machine with a 2:1 resistance ratio.

Other common ratios that you will find include 0.5:1 and 0.25:1.

Still, other machines, such as the NordicTrack Fusion CST Functional Trainer, rely on magnetic resistance. This type of functional trainer uses resistance powered by a flywheel and the inertia of your body weight.


Just about every functional trainer uses a series of cables and pulleys. By using various attachments, a person can change how they interact with the system, performing different exercises and styles of training.

Some of the standard attachments include:

  • Straight bar
  • Long bar
  • Short bar
  • Curl bar
  • Triceps rope
  • Push-down bar
  • D-handles
  • Ankle cuff
  • Ankle straps

Most functional trainers will come with at least a few attachments, and many manufacturers offer additional attachments you can purchase separately. If you know what movements or muscles you want to work out, you can better determine what attachments you need.

Weight Stack

The weight stack is the series of plates that sit inside the functional trainer, which you lift with the cable and pulley system. Typically, you will find two weight stacks on a machine, but some budget trainers will use a single stack.

It is essential to figure out your current strength levels and what weight you want to use when you exercise. If you are a heavy lifter, try to find a functional trainer with two stacks and a more significant total weight. Other lifters should find a light double stack or even a single stack sufficient for a challenging workout.

Some machines do not use weight stacks, instead providing “posts” where you can slide on weight plates. This design can be an excellent option if you use weights in a broader range, but it requires you to buy the weights separately. 


A significant factor in which a home functional trainer is right for you is the size of the trainer versus the space in your home. Functional trainers vary significantly in size, with some having a footprint of 6 feet wide or more and requiring at least 7-8 feet of vertical space. 

Other trainers are significantly smaller and more compact. Some manufacturers even offer functional trainers that have pieces that fold up. This feature can be helpful if the space where you want to use your trainer also serves other non-workout-related duties in your house.

I generally recommend you find a spot that will allow you to have at least 3-5 feet of space around the trainer for easy access and safe operation. The most important thing is to measure your available space and ensure you find a functional trainer that will work for you.


Most brands of home functional trainers will come with one or more warranties. Sometimes these warranties are for a limited length of time, such as one year, five years, or in the best case, a lifetime warranty.

Warranties are also usually focused on specific parts or pieces of the machine. This kind of scenario means that one warranty might cover the frame while another one covers the moving parts and hardware.

While a warranty is not essential, a home functional trainer can be an expensive investment. I recommend that you protect your equipment against the normal wear and tear (as well as manufacturer defects) that these types of machines experience.

With proper maintenance, a functional trainer will last years, so I recommend choosing a machine with a long-term warranty. A multi-year or lifetime warranty is the best option, but ultimately, you must weigh the warranty against the features and initial cost of the machine.


While you can find some home functional trainers for under $1,000, the vast majority of high-quality trainers will cost several thousands of dollars.

A functional trainer costs so much because it requires a lot of raw materials to build one, and it is a complex machine that demands precision engineering. Manufacturers design the best ones to last for years or even decades.

While selecting the cheapest option you can find is tempting, I recommend choosing the best one you can reasonably afford. 

Buying a higher-quality trainer is an investment that should last for decades and can even save you money in the long run compared to the amount of equipment you would have to buy to replace all the functions of a home trainer.

Other Considerations

Here are a few more minor factors to consider when shopping for a home functional trainer.

Shipping costs

Home functional trainers are heavy, and unless you plan on picking one up from the store, you will need to have it delivered to your house. Shipping charges are only a one-time fee but can be expensive so remember to factor that into your budget.

Workouts & Exercises

It might seem obvious, but you should consider what exercises and workouts you want to perform before buying a home functional trainer. Most trainers share at least a few functions but make sure the trainer you’re considering can help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Upgrades and Add-Ons

You can upgrade some functional trainers beyond the attachments and weights that come with the initial purchase. If you want to do different movements in the future or add weight to the weight stacks in the future, check to ensure the manufacturer sells additional equipment before you invest in the machine.

Find the Best Home Functional Trainer for You

I tried nine of the best home functional trainers along with a trusted partner that supplies and repairs these units for a living and found that the Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer is the best overall option.

With 42 attachments, two heavyweight weight stacks, and a lifetime structural warranty, it’s an incredible machine. I also really enjoyed the long cable pulley length that lets you get a full range of motion for the most effective workout possible.

And considering the fact that you get 15 attachments with the base model, it’s hard not to want to rush out and pick up the X15 Pro. 

Check out the Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer here or review the other home functional trainers in this article to find the links to the best deal for each one.

Regardless of which machine you decide to go with, I hope this article has helped answer a few questions about home functional trainers and even inspired you to new and better fitness goals.

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