The Five Best Treadmills Under $1000

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Whether you’re embarking on a New Year’s Resolution, hoping to improve your overall health, or looking to shed some pounds, there is no shortage of ways to get in shape. Some people hit the gym, while others prefer to work out from home, investing in workout equipment instead of a gym membership. 

If you plan to work out at home, a treadmill is one of the wisest fitness investments you can make. Treadmills are excellent for cardio training, weight loss, and keeping in shape, and there are plenty of amazing choices on the market. Today, we’ll look closely at the five best treadmills under $1,000 on the market. 

We’ll also share tips to help you select the ideal treadmill for your lifestyle. 

Best Treadmills Under $1000 at a Glance

XTERRA Fitness TRX4500 Treadmill
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Treadmill
NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill
Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill
ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill
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Below we’ll dive further into the best treadmills under $1,000. The models below represent the top-rated and best-selling treadmills on the market that are still somewhat budget friendly. 

XTERRA Fitness TRX4500 Treadmill

Serious fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking for a top-quality treadmill without breaking the bank is sure to love the TRX4500 from XTERRA Fitness. This machine offers features you won’t find from other treadmills in this same price range, including an extended deck and connectivity with popular fitness apps like Zwift and Kenomap. 

The TRX4500 offers a 7.5” backlit LCD screen that displays critical information such as program, distance, pace, speed, time, calories burned, and pulse rate. The machine is also compatible with several third-party apps that offer FTMS. You can also sync workout data with popular apps like Fitbit, Map My Fitness, Strava, and Apple Health.

Users who aren’t syncing a tablet or smartphone can still benefit from the extensive selection of thirty preset programs and the ability to create custom workout programs aligned with their personal goals. 

For runners, the TRX4500 is especially attractive. This model features a powerful 3.25 horsepower motor that carries a lifetime warranty and can reach a top speed of 12 mph with fifteen different incline levels. 

An extended 60” deck accommodates runners and anyone with a long stride, and the XTRASOFT deck cushioning ensures you place less stress on muscles and joints while running. 

Making adjustments during workouts is a breeze thanks to the handlebar-mounted controls. These controls allow you to alter speed and incline and provide accurate pulse information to help keep you in an optimal fat-burning zone. 


  • Extended well-cushioned deck is ideal for runners 
  • Bluetooth 4.0 FTMS compatibility with popular fitness apps
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • Powerful 3.25 horsepower motor 


  • Onboard display doesn’t function when Bluetooth is connected
  • XTERRA app is buggy and challenging to use

Best for Seniors or Recovery: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Treadmill

Suppose you’re recovering from an injury or looking to improve your cardiovascular health with a walking or jogging routine. In that case, this model from Sunny Health & Fitness could be perfect for you. It’s loaded with safety, and usability features that older or injured users are sure to appreciate, and it’s affordable enough for every fitness enthusiast to enjoy. 

This model offers a streamlined display that provides the vital information you need without any additional bells and whistles. Multiple LCDs indicate distance traveled, calories burned, speed, and workout duration. 

The extended handrails are a notable feature for older people and anyone recovering from an injury, as there’s always a sturdy point for the user to hold onto during their workout. A large handle arching over the front of the unit and extended side handrails extending from the front almost entirely to the back of the treadmill. 

There’s also an integrated safety clip that automatically stops the treadmill if it’s unplugged. Attach the alligator clip to your clothing, and the treadmill stops instantly if it becomes unplugged because of a slip or fall. 

The track is also heavily padded to reduce stress on your joints during workouts and features a low deck height so getting on and off the equipment is a breeze. 

With a 2.5-horsepower motor and a 44” long deck, this treadmill is best suited for walking and jogging and won’t be a good fit for runners. 


  • Extended handrails are ideal for recovery and older users
  • Simple, streamlined display
  • Shock-absorbing track reduces stress on joints and muscles


  • 44” track length is too short for runners
  • No onboard speakers or cup holder

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

Offering an ideal balance of performance and value, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S provides an excellent array of features, an intuitive user interface, and iFit compatibility, which makes it one of the best treadmills under $1000.

The biggest draw of this machine is its compatibility with iFit, one of the planet’s most popular and feature-rich fitness apps. While it’s subscription-based, iFit is ideal for people looking to challenge themselves and stay accountable to their fitness goals. With iFit, users can access thousands of on-demand workouts led by top instructors. 

You’ll need to use your phone or tablet to use iFit with your treadmill, as the onboard electronics are pretty pedestrian. A small LCD screen offers program and workout information, and there are program presets on either side of the screen, along with speed and incline controls at the bottom. The machine also offers onboard speakers and an auxiliary input for playing your favorite tunes.

The three-horsepower motor offers SMART-Response technology to help cool the engine and reduce premature wear. The FlexSelect cushioning on the deck helps minimize stress on your joints during intense training. The 55” deck could be longer, but it’s suitable for most runners. 


  • iFit compatibility for an improved workout program experience
  • EasyLift Assist makes folding and storing the treadmill a breeze
  • Includes the first month of iFit membership free


  • Underwhelming onboard display
  • Deck length isn’t long enough for tall runners and those with long strides

Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill

Schwinn’s 810 Treadmill provides a comfortable platform and some premium features at a price well under the $1,000 point, making it a solid choice for most users. This treadmill offers an intuitive user panel, app connectivity, and some of the best onboard programming of any machine in its price range.

The 810 begins with a two-horsepower motor, which powers the cushioned SoftTrak tread at speeds up to 10 mph and inclines ranging from 0-10%. The deck is 55” long, sufficient for walking, jogging, and most runners. Runners with a long stride may find a 60” deck to be more comfortable for their needs.

Stowing the unit away is a breeze, and it’s also easy for one person to set up safely thanks to its SoftDrop feature, which gently lowers the treadmill deck to the floor when setting up the unit. 

This treadmill offers a sleek form with a detailed user panel that provides access to program presets and user settings, volume, speed, and incline controls. There are sixteen different programs presets to choose from, and you can save two user profiles on the machine for quick access. 

The 810 Treadmill is compatible with the Explore the World subscription app, which provides access to additional programs and guided runs through some of the most scenic locations on earth. 


  • Compatible with Explore the World app
  • Excellent user interface
  • Easy to stow away and set up
  • Large cup holders and media shelf


  • The motor lacks the power of top competitors 
  • 55” deck length isn’t optimal for longer strides

ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill

Undoubtedly the most high-tech model on our list, the ProForm Carbon T7 offers a best-in-class HD touchscreen and solid technical specifications that rival many of the top options. 

The T7 delivers a constant 2.6 horsepower, providing enough power for most runners and joggers in virtually all scenarios. It would be nice to have a longer deck, but the standard 55×20” deck the T7 offers should suit most users. 

The draw of this machine is the 7” HD touchscreen that provides onboard access to iFit content, including on-demand access to studio workouts and guided and interactive sessions in various beautiful locales. A large interface houses the screen and offers large buttons to set speed and incline, while program and app controls are handled on a secondary panel. 

This model also offers a space-saving design where the deck folds vertically to take up significantly less space while providing a sturdier feel than other folding treadmills. 

Beyond its iFit compatibility, the T7 also offers full Bluetooth compatibility for streaming audio or video through the onboard speakers and a media shelf on the lower panel if you use an additional screen. 

The enhanced tech features make this a serious contender as the best treadmill under $1,000, but it lacks a few features that serious runners will value most, like a more extended deck and a more powerful motor. 


  • iFit compatibility
  • 7” HD touch screen and a sleek user interface
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Mediocre warranty
  • 55” deck may not be ideal for some runners

Time Sensitive Addition: Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill is an ideal machine for walking and jogging and made the list because right now Horizon has an unreal deal on this machine dropping it below the $1000 mark instead of closer to $2000 where it usually sits.

This budget-friendly treadmill has some of the functionality of a high-end machine. Its 3.0 horsepower motor allows you to reach the speeds of most other treadmills and to change speeds and gradients smoothly. You won’t feel any jerks while you increase or decrease the speed during your movements. Most similarly priced treadmills have a maximum incline of 10% on average, less than Horizon’s 15%.

The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill has one of the best decks for your feet to land on. The 3-layer soft cushioning allows every strike of your foot to be as comfortable as possible.

The console overall is pretty basic with quick-adjust speed and incline adjustment buttons along the sides. The workout profile buttons are a little confusing at first, but a quick skim of the owner’s manual clears it up. The included workout profiles are: 5K run, calorie burning, distance run, fat burning, hill climbing, heart rate monitoring, and manual mode.

Check out an in-depth review of the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill.


  • 0%-15% Incline
  • Large deck with 350 lb weight limit
  • Foldable and Quiet


  • No touchscreen
  • Lack of pre-programmed workouts

Treadmill Buying Guide

Whether you’re purchasing a budget-friendly home treadmill or a gym-quality model, there are many characteristics and features you’ll want to consider to ensure you’re choosing the best treadmill for your needs. 

Technical Features To Look For 

The technical specs of a treadmill, such as motor size, track size, material, and cushioning, can significantly affect how the machine performs and how well-suited it is for you. Here’s what to look for when breaking down the specs of different treadmills. 

Motor Size

A treadmill’s motor delivers power to the track and affects how fast the track can move. Treadmill motors range from 1.5 to 5 horsepower, with treadmills designed for walking or jogging having less powerful engines than those designed for running. 

For running, treadmills delivering three horsepower or more are ideal, while joggers and walkers can comfortably get away with a motor in the 2-2.5 horsepower range. Most treadmills with motors above three horsepower are priced well out of the $1,000 range. 

Even if you’re purchasing a treadmill for walking or jogging, a motor with more horsepower still offers a few benefits. Since you’ll be putting less stress on the motor at lower speeds, it should provide a longer life. People over 200 pounds should also look for machines delivering 3+ horsepower, as the motor will be able to handle your frame more adequately. 

Track Size and Width

The size and width of the track are important considerations for any user, especially runners. Treadmill tracks range from 16-22” wide and 50-60” long in most cases, with some performance treadmills reaching 63” long. 

More extended decks are preferred by runners and people with an exceptionally long stride. Shorter decks are ideal for walking, jogging, and any time you have space constraints. 

The industry standard track width is 20”, but you’ll find tracks as narrow as 16” and as wide as 22”. The narrow treads are usually reserved for ultra-portable machines that you can fold up and take anywhere. 

Track Material 

Thicker tracks made of multiple layers of rubber provide quieter operation and a longer lifespan than thinner tracks. Most treadmill tracks in the $1,000 price range are one or two-ply, while pricier models may have four-ply treads. 

Most manufacturers don’t provide detailed specs about their track material, so examining this characteristic is easiest in person. 

Track Cushioning

Track cushioning is an essential characteristic for any person, whether running or walking. Most treadmills offer some track cushioning, and some even allow you to tailor how much cushioning the track provides so you can adjust it to your preferences. 

Weight Capacity

Most treadmills offer a weight capacity between 250-500 pounds. Less expensive treadmills usually have weight capacities of 250-300 pounds, while more costly machines can support north of 400 pounds. 

Choosing a treadmill that can handle at least 50 pounds more than you weigh will ensure that you aren’t putting too much stress on the motor. 


Most treadmills offer an incline setting that allows the runner to add resistance to the belt to simulate the feeling of going uphill. Running, jogging, or walking on an incline helps the runner build muscle while burning more calories than exercising on flat ground. 

Some treadmills can provide as much as a 40% incline. Ensure the model you select offers enough pitch to get the workout you’re looking for. Many high-end models even have automated incline settings that change the incline as you exercise to simulate different types of terrain. 


All treadmills carry some warranty, an excellent indicator of the build quality and lifespan you can expect from your treadmill. Warranty repairs cost manufacturers money, so most try limiting warranty coverage to reduce liability. If you see a treadmill with a lengthy warranty, it’s a strong indicator that you’re dealing with a quality, long-lasting machine. 

Most treadmills carry different warranties for different components of the equipment. For example, manufacturers usually provide lengthy (sometimes lifetime) warranties on the frame and motor of the unit. Parts and labor typically carry more stringent warranties, but these are the aspects of the warranty you’re most likely to need. 

Some manufacturers offer a warranty of 90 days to one year for parts and labor. While not always the case, this usually indicates you’re dealing with a mediocre treadmill that’s more likely to break down. If possible, opt for a treadmill with several years of warranty coverage for parts and labor. 

Entertainment & Convenience Features

Today’s treadmills help you stay engaged while you work out, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Look for these features when shopping for a treadmill.

Entertainment Screen

Many of the best treadmills on the market offer entertainment screens to help keep you engaged with your workout. 

Basic models often include LED screens that provide primary workout data such as heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled. High-end models often have large touchscreen interfaces that display critical workout data and provide live workout programs through 3rd party applications like iFit.

Other treadmills bridge the gap between basic LED and touch screens by offering Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync a tablet or smartphone with the treadmill to provide workout data or exercise programs. 

You can get the same great workout with a basic treadmill offering a small LED screen as you would from a top-of-the-line model that offers subscription-based workout programs. The importance of interactivity is a personal choice, but it’s a crucial one. If you think you’ll be more engaged with your workouts if there is an entertainment component, spend the extra money. 

Workout Programs

Many of the best treadmills on the market are equipped with workout programs to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Programs are available on treadmills with and without touchscreen displays, and the quality and availability of programs vary by manufacturer and model. 

Workout programs affect the treadmill’s speed and incline or decline to simulate different real-world scenarios. If the treadmill offers an interactive screen, the programs are usually accompanied by a live instructor or a POV video that displays a simulated landscape that shows what’s in “front” of you as you exercise. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Suppose you’re looking for a more interactive workout but aren’t looking to spend more money on a touchscreen or subscription program. In that case, a treadmill offering Bluetooth connectivity can be a wise choice. 

Treadmills with Bluetooth allow you to sync your phone, tablet, or wearable to your treadmill. Depending on the apps you use on your connected device, you can access interactive classes or other workout programs. At the least, you’ll be able to sync your workout data to your device. 

Portability & Storage

How much space you have in your exercise room will also determine the perfect treadmill for you. You’ll want to maintain about 3’ of space on either side of the treadmill and 6-8’ behind it. In other words, a treadmill has quite a large footprint in your home. 

Ask yourself if you plan on leaving your treadmill set up at all times or if you plan on storing it away when it’s not in use. While folding treadmills are usually less durable and sturdy than a permanent fixture, they still allow you to get in an excellent workout. If you need a portable treadmill, ensure the model you choose is easy to fold and store. 

Treadmills Under $1,000 Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for the best treadmill under $1,000, most people have some related questions. See if we’ve answered anything you’re still wondering about below.

What are the Best Treadmill Brands?

While there are many different treadmill brands on the market, a few brands lead the pack in terms of quality and functionality. ProForm, NordicTrack, Sole, Schwinn Fitness, and Horizon are the most popular brands. These brands have a well-established reputation for offering quality fitness equipment and providing excellent customer service. 

How Much is a Decent Treadmill?

Treadmills range in price from about $300 to upwards of $3,000. The high-end models feature enhanced workout programs and entertainment options, but purchasing a quality machine for $1,000 or less is still possible. 

How Long Does a Treadmill Last?

How long a treadmill lasts depends on how often it’s used and how well it’s maintained. A treadmill that receives regular use and occasional track maintenance should last at least ten years. You can expect the machine’s lifespan to slip without regular track lubrication. 

What is the Best Treadmill Size?

The best treadmill size depends on the type of exercise you’ll be doing. A treadmill with a 50” deck is usually sufficient for walking and jogging. A 55” deck is standard for runners. Exceptionally tall individuals and those with a long stride may feel more comfortable with an extended deck length of 60”. 

Final Thoughts  

Owning a treadmill is an excellent way to keep in shape and help you realize all your fitness and wellness goals. While some treadmills can cost upwards of $4,000, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a quality machine. 

Carefully consider your needs, budget, and fitness goals, and you should be able to find a suitable machine from our list above of the best treadmills under $1,000.

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