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Best Weight Bench

The best weight bench for your home gym can be tricky to find. There are an astounding number of options at various price points. 

This versatile piece of workout equipment ranges from under $100 to well over $400, depending on the model. And all of them offer different features and functions to consider. 

Below, we list our top five weight benches for home gym owners as decided by a Certified Personal Trainer and fitness equipment supplier and maintenance technician. We explain why we picked them in our buyer’s guide

So whether you’re a competitive powerlifter or a fitness enthusiast, we have the best weight bench for your home gym below. 

Quick Look

Best Overall Weight Bench: REP AB-4100 Adjustable
Best Budget-Friendly Flat Bench: CAP Barbell Flat Weight Bench
Best Overall Flat Weight Bench: Rogue Monster Utility 2.0
Best Folding Weight Bench: BowFlex 5.1S Stowable Bench
Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Bench: Proform Carbon Strength Adjustable

Best Overall Weight Bench: REP AB-4100 Adjustable

Courtesy of REP Fitness

If you want an adjustable weight bench for your home gym, our top pick is the REP AB-4100 Adjustable Workout Bench. This versatile option offers a staggering number of set-ups while remaining surprisingly affordable. 

At under $400, the REP AB-4100 allows for seven back adjustments and three seat placements. It has a decently high maximum weight capacity of 700 lbs and meets International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) competition standards

With a frame of 7 and 14-gauge steel, you know this bench is durable and stable. Plus, it comes in seven color options to match your home gym’s aesthetic. For an adjustable bench, it doesn’t get much better than this!


  • Perfectly priced
  • Meets IPF Standards
  • Relatively high max weight capacity
  • Sturdy frame


  • Some complex assembly is required
  • No option for decline

Best Budget-Friendly Flat Bench: CAP Barbell Flat Weight Bench

Courtesy of Amazon

If you want a basic flat bench without any extra frills, the CAP Barbell Flat Weight Bench might be your best choice. This bench is simple to assemble, extremely affordable, and if you’re new to strength training it’s a nice addition to a home gym. 

At under $100, this bench comes with free Prime shipping. And, as with all things Amazon, it’s easy to return if you don’t like it. 

At 18″ tall, it’s a little bigger than IPF standards require and may not be ideal for shorter users. It also has a decent max weight capacity, at 500 lbs. 

If you’re looking for a bench that will last forever and stand up to big weights, this isn’t it. It’s made of steel tubing and has a polyvinyl surface that won’t last very long. For home gym owners who are new to strength training and want a simple bench for moderate-weight exercises, this is a decent option. 


  • Under $100
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lots of color options


  • Too short for taller users
  • Taller than IPF standards require
  • Not very durable

Best Overall Flat Weight Bench: Rogue Monster Utility 2.0

Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The number one thing you need in a bench is stability, and that’s exactly what Rogue offers with their Monster Utility 2.0 bench. This beast of a bench features 3×3 inch, 11-gauge steel, all sourced and welded in the USA. 

Despite its solid frame, it weighs only 68 lbs and comes with wheels and a handle, making it easy to move around the gym. 

It also has a high max capacity. You could lift over 1000 pounds on this bench without causing any problems. 

For a flat bench, Rogue’s version comes with a lot of options. You can use a standard, competition, or fatty pad. You can also opt for the shorty version of the bench, which stands at 15.25″ rather than 17.5″.

Rogue also offers an exceptional lifetime warranty on the frame plus three years on the padding. So, you know this bench will last regardless of what you throw at it. 


  • Huge max capacity
  • Relatively low-weight and easy to move
  • Lifetime frame warranty 
  • Made in the USA 


  • Very pricey for a flat bench 

Best Folding Weight Bench: BowFlex 5.1S Stowable Bench

Courtesy of Bowflex

The biggest issue with folding benches is that their ability to fold tends to detract from their stability. With the Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench, that’s not the case. This bench is incredibly stable, even though it folds to half its in-use size.

Bowflex built this bench with commercial-grade steel and offers a 15-year warranty. It can handle up to 600 lbs and offers two seat positions with six adjustment angles, including the ability to decline. 

Because this bench can decline, the gap between the seat and the back pad is large when the bench is upright. The gap decreases as it declines back. For smaller users, the large gap can be uncomfortable. So, if you’re on the smaller side, this is a bench you’ll want to try before you purchase it.


  • Folds to half its size
  • 15-year warranty
  • Ability to decline


  • A large gap between the back pad and seat
  • Relatively large footprint when in use 

Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Bench: Proform Carbon Strength Adjustable

Courtesy of ProForm

Adjustable benches offer a lot of versatility, but they’re out of the budget for many home gym owners. This bench has the perfect solution to that problem. For under $300, this bench still provides several high-end features. 

For example, the bench has 11 back positions and six positions for seating, creating tons of workout versatility. It also has a large weight capacity, at 610 lbs. Plus, it uses a quick-pin system to change positions. This system is the same one most commercial gym equipment uses and is relatively intuitive. 

Unfortunately, ProForm only offers a 90-day warranty, and this bench sits 18″ tall. Eighteen inches is slightly above IPF standards and may be uncomfortable for shorter users. 


  • Very affordable
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Easy to adjust 


  • Short warranty
  • Difficult to assemble

Buyers Guide 

Weight benches aren’t the largest investment you’ll make in a home gym, but they’re also not insignificant. Most of them will cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars, so you’ll want to do a little research before you purchase one. 

Below, we discuss how we chose the best weight benches for your home gym. Understanding how we came to our conclusions should help you choose the right weight bench for your needs and space.

Adjustable vs. Flat Bench 

Style is the first consideration when choosing the best weight bench for your home gym. There are two main styles of weight benches: flat and adjustable. Each has its pros and cons. 

Flat benches are straightforward and affordable. They’ll allow you to bench press, step up, and perform other, less traditional movements like decline push-ups or Bulgarian split squats. So, they can add a lot of versatility to your workouts. 

However, an adjustable bench will add far more utility to your home gym. With an adjustable bench, you can do all the above and more. With multiple seat angles and back pad positions, the opportunities for exercise variation are near endless. 

There’s a catch, though. Adjustable benches are less affordable than flat benches, and if you choose one on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you might be asking for problems. An adjustable bench that flexes slightly or rocks is about as useful as a coat rack in your gym. 

So, if you want an adjustable bench, be ready to spend some money on it. 

Most home gym owners will only need one bench. Whether that’s a flat bench or an adjustable option will depend on their budget and the exercises they prefer. However, for those who want to compete in powerlifting or another exercise sport, having both a flat and an adjustable bench is a good idea. 

Other Bench Styles

Beyond flat and adjustable, benches also come in folding and Olympic-weight styles. 


Folding benches are ideal for smaller home gyms. You can find flat and adjustable folding benches, but beware – folding frames usually have a far lower weight capacity and are more likely to rock or tilt during use. 

When we looked for folding benches, we focused on stability more than any other feature. That’s why we went with the BowFlex 5.1s Stowable Bench, even though other foldable options fold smaller or weigh less, making them more portable. 

Olympic Weight Bench

For this article, we didn’t include an Olympic weight bench because most home gym owners don’t need one. Olympic weight benches come with an attached rack. This attachment makes them wider than freestanding benches and a little less versatile. 

If you have a rack in your gym, you can always use a freestanding bench with it. If you don’t have a rack, you’re probably using dumbbells, which also work with freestanding benches. 

The Olympic weight bench might be a good option if you’re trying to build a home gym from scratch and want a rack and bench. But, it’s not necessary for most home gym owners. 

Frame Construction

If you want a bench that will last through grueling, weighted workouts, you need to pay attention to its construction. The frame should consist of steel, preferably 11 gauge, and there should be no plastic parts. 

Most frames can handle around 600 lbs, which is plenty for the average gym user. However, if you’re a bigger lifter or can handle extra-heavy loads, you’ll want to seek out a higher-end bench. The top-end models on our list can handle 1000 lbs or more. 

When considering the frame, you’ll also want to consider its height. The International Powerlifting Federation’s competition standard for bench height is between 42 and 45 cm with padding. That works out to about 16.5 to 17.7 inches. 

Taller frames may be harder to use for shorter lifters, and shorter ones will be uncomfortable for taller people. 

Finally, consider the frame’s design. Many love a single post front leg because it allows them to tuck their feet underneath while lifting. However, a single post means you’re sacrificing stability. 

If the frame is heavy-duty steel, like it should be, it will also be decently heavy to move around. Handles and wheels on one end are best. After all, a bench shouldn’t be a piece of stationary equipment. To achieve full versatility, you should be able to move it around your gym with relative ease. 


Warranties vary widely when it comes to gym equipment. Some companies, like Rogue Fitness, offer lifetime warranties on their frames and welds. Then there are companies like Pro Form that only offer 90-day warranties. 

In general, you’ll want to be wary of companies that offer short warranties. Unless user reviews assure you that the equipment is good quality, as with ProForm, you should stay away from any equipment with less than a one-year guarantee. 

Padding Considerations

Bench padding will determine how comfortable your bench is. Ideally, the included padding will offer dense foam with durable box stitching. The outer vinyl will be grippy so that your shoulders and traps don’t slide. 

For some, third-party padding compatibility will also be important. If you’re picky about padding, ensure the bench you pick allows you to switch to third-party custom pads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a weight bench for your home gym comes with questions. Below, we answer a few of the most common ones. 

Is a weight bench worth it?

Yes, a weight bench is worth it. Weight benches are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. You can use them for dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and body weight exercises

What type of bench is best for bench pressing? 

A flat bench works great for standard bench pressing, but benching at an incline is often safer for your shoulders and pecs. So, having an adjustable bench that you can place at an incline for pressing might be the best option. 

How much should I spend on a workout bench?

Workout benches vary significantly in price. Flat benches range from under $100 to over $300. 

Quality adjustable benches are more expensive, with the lowest price options just under $300. How much you’ll need to spend depends on the weight capacity and features you need. 

Final Thoughts

The best weight bench for your home gym will give you the versatility you need without breaking the bank. You have to decide how much weight capacity and how many features you need, then go from there. Regardless of what you pick, your new weight bench is sure to add tons of variety to your workout.

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