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You’ve probably heard of a few different brands if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art elliptical machine. ProForm is one of the most popular brands of elliptical machines, along with NordicTrack and HealthRider. 

ProForm’s machines are a little cheaper than NordicTrack’s and can be more easily accessible for those on a budget. If you’re looking to buy a ProForm elliptical machine for your Home Gym, you’re committing to an exercise machine with outstanding performance and a warranty. 

In addition, all of ProForm’s machines come with iFit capability. With an iFit account, you can access thousands of workout videos and training regimes to help you with your workout plans. 

However, there are several different options for ProForm elliptical machines that are available. Which is the best and will help you meet your fitness goals? Here is a complete guide to the current lineup of ProForm elliptical machines, including which machines are currently in production and which have been discontinued but are still available until stock runs out. 

ProForm Elliptical Machines

ProForm has over a dozen different models of elliptical machines. However, several of these were discontinued and are difficult to find online. Here are the six models we will be reviewing in-depth today: 

In addition to the HIIT lineup, the Carbon series, and the hybrid trainers, ProForm has discontinued three different elliptical series. However, they are still available through retailers like Amazon (until products run out). These are the Pro series, the Endurance series, and the Smart series. 

Manufacturers discontinued each out-of-production model for technical reasons. The company can only consistently make a number of different ellipticals, and they needed to phase out some older machines to make way for the newer ones. However, the older models work just as well and might be less expensive if you can find them online. 

However, we’ll focus on the current and available models through the ProForm website. The discontinued models can still be found online but have yet to be made, and eventually, they won’t be available anywhere. 

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Review

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The first elliptical we will discuss is the ProForm Carbon HIIT H10. This machine is part of the HIIT line and focuses on high-intensity interval training for the whole body. Unlike most elliptical trainers, the Carbon HIIT H10 is powered by a flywheel in the front. It’s more compact than most and works out the whole body instead of just the legs. 

The Carbon HIIT H10 is so named because it’s made of ultra-lite carbon. Like the rest of the Carbon line, this makes the elliptical easy to move once put together. It measures 52″ X 29.25″ X 66.7″ and can fit in small spaces. Although the HIIT H10 doesn’t fold up easily, it’s relatively small and portable. 

The HIIT H10 has a 10-inch LED screen that can play any 50+ built-in exercise videos. Customers receive a free iFit account for the first three years with unlimited exercise videos, training plans, and more. After that, the subscription costs $396 a year for a family plan. 

The LED screen is one of the highlights of this model, as it can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can cast videos from your phone to the screen and watch various films as you exercise. 

In addition to the small size and Bluetooth capabilities, the HIIT H10 has 24 different resistance levels. If you need a different resistance, you can set it through the screen or on your phone using Bluetooth. There is a manual mode if you want a simpler exercise controlled by you instead of a training video. 

The ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 review is the perfect choice for a family living in a small space or someone trying to save money. The HIIT line is the highest quality elliptical trainer offered by ProForm, but the HIIT H10 allows simplicity and the highest training level possible. 

While other models cost several hundred dollars more, the Pro Carbon HIIT H10 retails at just $1,403. This is about how much three years of an iFit family membership costs, making the machine double its value if it’s purchased new. This elliptical machine might be small, but it has several mighty features. 

ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Review

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There are two ProForm HIIT ellipticals currently available. These are the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 and the ProForm Carbon HIIT H10. The HIIT series focuses on training the whole body instead of just cardio and legs. With the HIIT H14, you’ll be able to see results after just a few weeks of using it. 

Both the HIIT H10 and the HIIT H14 are smaller than a traditional treadmill or rear-powered elliptical machine. The HIIT H14 measures 52″ X 29″ X 66″ and can fit in a small space in an apartment or flat. It takes some time to set up but is manageable to move around once put together. 

The Pro HIIT H14 is a more deluxe version of the HIIT H10. It has the same 20-inch vertical and 30-pound flywheel, but instead of a 10-inch screen, the H14 boasts a 14-inch LED screen. You can use this to access an iFit account. The machine is Bluetooth-capable and can connect to a smartphone or your headphones. 

Even with HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the Pro HIIT H14 is kind to joints. Throughout the most intense workouts, the lower body doesn’t lose contact with the machine. With the H14, you can outperform a high-impact exercise, burn calories, and improve your muscle tone. 

One of the best parts of the HIIT H14 is the capability to connect with an iFit account. You can select your ideal workout and intensity from your phone or the elliptical screen. The flywheel will automatically adjust as the workout continues, making it easy for you to pump up the heat and burn more calories. 

Of course, a simple run or walking workout is available too. All you need to do is set the machine to your desired resistance and start the workout. There are 26 frictionless resistance settings available. While an iFit account and workout regimen are helpful for regular exercise, it’s not necessary to use the ProForm Pro HIIT H14. 

If the biggest upside of the H14 is the size of the screen and availability of exercises, the biggest downside is the price. This is the most expensive ProForm elliptical machine, starting at $1,699. This includes a free subscription to iFit for three years and a guaranteed ten-year warranty. 

ProForm Carbon EL Review

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If you’re looking for something simpler, the ProForm Carbon line is ideal for you. It has many of the same features as the HIIT line but without LED screens and high price tags. With a Carbon EL, you will receive a simple elliptical trainer with a screen holder, a settings adjuster, and multiple tension capabilities. 

The Carbon EL is relatively small, only measuring 25″ X 68.5″ X 68″. It’s a simple front-powered elliptical machine with a non-digital screen to record your workout time, resistance level, and change in degree. This screen has a place to set up a smartphone, tablet, or iPad if you would prefer to watch something while you work out. 

While the Carbon EL is the simplest ProForm elliptical trainer, that can come with its downsides. If you’re looking for preset workouts, you’ll have to download an app and sign up for an iFit subscription. This will give you access to the thousands of elliptical workouts available on the app, but it won’t automatically change the resistances on your machine. 

Preloaded workouts might be a bit more of a hassle with the Carbon El, but the machine does its job and does it well. There are over 20 resistance options, with the machine gliding effortlessly from one to the next. Furthermore, you won’t hear any unsettling grinding or scratching as you use the elliptical and change resistance. 

Where the Carbon EL lacks in preset workouts and fancy LED screens, it makes up for its durability and longevity. This option is the best model for a long-lasting workout machine, and it generally lasts longer than a decade but has a ten-year form warranty. 

The Carbon EL is also the least expensive of the Carbon lineup, with a price tag of only $800. This price doesn’t include any workouts or iFit memberships, but you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for membership separately if you so desire. Meanwhile, there are plenty of settings to choose from to begin your workouts. 

ProForm Carbon E10 Review

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If you like the base model Carbon EL but want a little more bang for your buck, the Carbon E10 is the way to go. This mid-tier model comes with all the features of the Carbon EL but adds a few different features to it to make it a slightly more powerful and versatile elliptical machine. 

The E10 comes with a 10-inch HD LED touchscreen, which can be adjusted to show the settings of the machine or to play workout videos without needing another device. The Carbon E10 is Bluetooth and iFit enabled and comes with a three-month subscription plan to iFit. This deal changes throughout the year, so make sure to check it out! 

Like the Carbon EL, the Carbon E10 features a 20% incline and a completely adjustable stride up to 19″. Whether you want a preset workout from iFit or to find your own inclines and resistances, you can do that on the Carbon E10. It also can hold a tablet or other electronic device. 

One of the biggest pros of the Carbon E10 is the HD screen and one-to-three-month access to iFit (depending on the current deal). With a free sample subscription, you’ll be able to see whether you want to spend money on the service, which comes with over 14,000 workout videos and individual trainers to help you gain momentum and strength. 

However, no elliptical trainer is perfect, and the Carbon E10 does have its flaws. Unlike other models, the Carbon E10 only comes with a few months of iFit membership. While this might not bother some people, it certainly doesn’t compare to the HIIT H10 three-year deal. For almost the same price, you get much fewer workouts and a different base machine. 

The Carbon E10 is a larger, more durable version of the Carbon EL. With an HD screen and Bluetooth capability, it’s often seen as the perfect middle ground between the lower tiers of the lineup and the higher, more expensive tiers. However, it depends on what is best for you and your exercise needs. 

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review 

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When it comes to flexibility, the ProForm hybrid trainers are the best lineup. They are the least expensive and work as both stationary recumbent bikes and elliptical machines. For the ultimate non-impact workout machine, the ProForm Hybrid is a great choice. 

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer series runs larger than any of the other ProForm ellipticals on the list. This is because it’s not just an elliptical – it also features a seat to use as a recumbent bicycle. The baseline Hybrid Trainer measures 24.5″ X 60.5″ X 70.5″. These measurements don’t include standing room, so place it somewhere you can stand easily. 

The ProForm Hybrid comes with all of the technological aspects of the Carbon set but also features a seat for recumbent bike users. You can save space by including your bicycling exercises on the Hybrid trainer, using the same iFit videos and training exercises that you would for an elliptical. 

Because of the recumbent bicycle features, however, the machine is limited in how long the elliptical strides can be. It does more with both biking and elliptical training but doesn’t do the full stride of each. The pedals only separate 15″, making it difficult for taller users to get a full workout out of the machine. 

While the technology and iFit capabilities are just as good as the Carbon and HIIT models, the Hybrid trainer comes at a much lower price point. For only $500, you will get the full five-year warranty and be able to use both the recumbent bike and the elliptical machine. 

This could be the most effective way to cross-train and combine workouts, as long as the machine works well with your height and in your space. It’s larger than other ProForm ellipticals and takes up more room in a home gym. If you already have an iFit account, this is the perfect addition to a home gym. 

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Review

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If you like the idea of a hybrid trainer but want something larger, the Hybrid Trainer XT is the best option for your home exercise experience. With the same base as the Hybrid Trainer, the XT offers a longer stride, more powerful resistance, and better hybrid capabilities. 

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT is a mid-tier hybrid trainer. It does all the same things as the regular Hybrid Trainer but offers a little more on all accounts. With 16 resistance levels, you’ll be able to train all the muscles in your leg through biking or running. The elliptical part also offers upper body toning with the handles. 

However, the Hybrid Trainer XT also falls short in the same ways that the regular Hybrid Trainer does. It isn’t the best elliptical and isn’t the best recumbent bike available. However, it is one of the top combinations and is perfect for those needing versatility in their workouts without having the space (or money) for multiple exercise machines. 

The Hybrid Trainer XT is perfect for beginners or those who want more than just one type of exercise. If you want to switch between two low-impact exercises, a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine are the easiest options to consider. With the Hybrid XT, you can do both. 

This machine is a little more expensive than the regular Hybrid Trainer but still costs less than the standard elliptical machines. At around $650 (depending on sales and area), the Hybrid Trainer XT is ideal for those trying to save money and up their workout game. A free month of iFit is included with most new purchases.  

A Guide to Buying a ProForm Elliptical

Now that you have an idea about each current ProForm model, you can decide which is the best for your family and lifestyle. There are several factors to consider, including your budget, your exercise needs, and the performance levels of each elliptical machine. 

Before making a decision, read through this buying guide to ensure that you purchase the right workout machine for your needs. Look at the reviews online to see what real users think of the machine, and measure the space before buying an elliptical! Here is a guide to buying your own ProForm Elliptical machine. 

Which ProForm Elliptical is Best?

Although each ProForm elliptical machine is excellent at what it does, you may be looking for the machine with the most options and features. Out of the current lineup of ProForm ellipticals, the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is the best available. 

Of course, this elliptical machine is also the most expensive in this lineup. It has the most features and offers personalized training in addition to regular elliptical settings. While you can spend more money to get more features, if you want a simple machine, there are other options for you. 

What Are You Looking for in an Elliptical Machine?

Many people choose elliptical machines as a way to provide high-impact cardio workouts without the strain on joints or muscles. Elliptical machines give your body all the benefits of running and cardio without the actual impact. This type of at-home exercise machine can be beneficial for those with joint issues. 

However, you need to consider what you are looking for in an elliptical machine. What is your top priority when researching these exercise machines? If you are looking for a built-in subscription to iFit or another exercise training service, you should look at the ProForms that include that subscription. 

If all you need is a machine that doesn’t make as much impact on your knees and hips as a treadmill, you might do better saving some money and going with one of the less expensive models available. ProForm’s ellipticals serve all your needs, whether simple or fancy. 

What are Your Budget and Space?

Of course, you should have a budget in mind before making a purchase. As you look at the various models, remember your primary fitness goals and how each model might serve them. However, also keep your potential budget in mind as you shop so you only spend a little on a new exercise machine. 

As you are looking at various models, plan ahead to where you will put a new elliptical machine. If space is tight, measure the area in your home and find an elliptical that will fit within that space. You want to avoid purchasing a machine, bringing it home, and not being able to use it because of space issues. 

Other Considerations

Of course, there are other factors to consider as well. Think about who will be using the elliptical machine and how often you will need to share it. A family subscription to iFit might come in handy if the elliptical is for multiple people in your home. 

If you are the only one using it, consider an elliptical machine that folds up. Apartment life or smaller houses might lend themselves to this type of machine. Of course, you know your own family and lifestyle best and can choose an elliptical based on these considerations. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a guide to the current lineup of ProForm elliptical machines, you can decide which machine is best for your lifestyle and your family. From the high-end HIIT trainers to the ProForm Hybrid trainers, there are enough types of elliptical machines to go around from ProForm. We hope this guide can help you determine which machine best suits your needs.

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